Sunday, November 19, 2006


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Prominent Islamist and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee Asghar Bukhari has admitted donating money to convicted Holocaust denier David Irving:

Asghar Bukhari...sent money to Irving and urged Islamic websites to ask visitors to make donations to his fighting fund.

Bukhari confirmed sending the letters in 2000. 'I had a lot of sympathy for anyone who opposed Israel,' Bukhari told The Observer said. 'I wrote letters to anyone who was tough against the Israelis - David Irving, Paul Findley, the PLO."I don't feel I have done anything wrong, to be honest.

MPAC can't see why the Observer where the story about the donation has been reported is interested:
The story was 'just another Islamaphobic attack aimed at undermining and harming the brave individuals who support the Palestinian cause and the cause of Muslims within Britain.'
Not everyone agrees:
'David Irving was described by a High Court judge as a falsifier of history and a false denier,' said Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust. 'I can't understand why anyone would want to support his views, let alone encourage and influence others to sympathise with them. I'm appalled.'
Gene adds: Predictably the "leftists" at Islamophobia Watch have leapt to Bukhari's defense: it happened six years ago, he "didn't realise who Irving was," he has admitted his mistake, etc.
But if Bukhari did not understand the truth about Irving in 2000, surely he-- among everyone else on the planet who was aware of Irving-- was the only one who didn't.

MPACUK Founder Supported Irving

You will note that denying the Holocaust is supporting the Palestinian cause.
This is because the Palestinian cause is the total destruction of Israel and
denying the Holocaust is a way to remove the legitimacy of Israel making that
destruction easier. Of course, wiping Israel off the map will involve another
genocide of another 6 million Jews.

This is from the Muslim version of Jew Watch (If Jew watch is Anti-Semitic because it attacks Jews because of tiny minority mis-bhaviour, then surely this Blog would be Islamophobic because it attacks Muslims? What? No, oh sorry I forgot. Racism is only against the Jewish people, never against Black, White or Muslim"

Back to topic. Here is the classic Irony from Little Bullshitter (Jew Watch). How he tries to link to support for the Palestinian cause to the Holocaust? I guess Mark Elf, Desert Peace, Noam Chomsky (All Jews) want to see another Holocaust because they support the Palestinians.

Talking about wiping off Jew's, how many Palestinians have been wiped off the earth from Israel compared to Israeli's? All forms of Human life is equal Little Bullshitter, A Jewish life is not supiror to that of a Muslim. Until people like you start treating all people the same, we can then yearn for peace in the middle east. Actually you don't even believe in a Palestinian State.

Friday, November 03, 2006

MPACUK Declares War On Ignorance As Child Attacked

The Asian News:

AN EIGHT-year old-boy was left terrified by racist thugs who punched him in the
face and pulled off his mosque cap.
Mohammed Tamazul was attacked whilst on
his way to his uncle’s home on Stockport Road Levenshulme, Manchester where
friends and family gathered for special evening Ramadan prayers.
As he made
his way Mohammed noticed three teenage boys following him on mountain
One of them got off and asked if he was Muslim.

When he didn’t reply the lout pulled his cap and started
throwing kicks and punches at him before riding off again.Mohammed’s dad Tamazul
Miah said he believed the attack was a result of the negative media coverage of
the Muslim community.Father of four, Mr Miah said: “My son was targeted because
he is a Muslim, I can’t see any other reason.“This has never happened to him or
any of my other children before.“My son was left shaking after the incident. He
told me that whilst they were attacking him, the other two thugs were laughing
and encouraging their friend to carry on. They were also saying to their friend
“get the Muslim”.
Mohammed was left with bruises around his eyes and is now
frightened to go out.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Dirty Smear Campaign of David Hirsh Against MPACUK

Well, what do you know. MPACUK have been smeared by the Zionist Smear Site. The accusations are laughable to death (or in Israel’s case, assassination by death). So here is the story:MPACUK copied and pasted this article by Desert Peace (In the Palestinian Blogroll) in which it compares Jewish Children under the Nazi rule and that of Palestinian Children under ZionNazi’s. The images are these:

The Articles of Forced Labour, Under Nazi’s & Now Under ZioNazi’s:

The comparison is also made in a news report that Palestinian children are forced to work, we do know as a matter of fact that Nazi’s also did the same thing with the Jewish Children, as DesertPeace kindly brings to our attention.

The Smear Site saw this and called MPACUK Anti-Semitic while it was done by a Jewish Blogger, and the Smear Site did not even bother to tell it’s readers who the author was. Why didn’t the bother to do this? I guess Muslims are easy to smear nowadays as anti-semitics as jewssansfrontieres states, don’t you think? This anti-Muslim website which smears Muslim organisations who speak out against Israel’s brutal actions on a defenseless people of Palestine and it’s actions on the Lebanese people.

Why are these smear sites stifling legitimate discussions on the actions of Israel? This smear tactic is always employed when they don’t know what to reply with or what to do. Their default mechanism is to smear the opponent. Norman G. Finkelstein Adds:

“Whenever Israel faces a public relations debacle such as the
Intifada or international pressure to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict,
American Jewish organizations orchestrate this extravaganza called the ‘new
anti-Semitism.’ The purpose is several-fold. First, it is to discredit any
charges by claiming the person is an anti-Semite. It’s to turn Jews into the
victims, so that the victims are not the Palestinians any longer. As people like
Abraham Foxman of the ADL put it, the Jews are being threatened by a new
holocaust. It’s a role reversal – the Jews are now the victims, not the
Palestinians. So it serves the function of discrediting the people leveling the
charge. It’s no longer Israel that needs to leave the Occupied Territories; it’s
the Arabs who need to free themselves of the anti-Semitism.”

From the Smear Site what I would like them to answer is:

Why did they not mention that the article in question was written by a Jew from Jerusalem, was published by a Jew?
Why did they falsely accuse MPACUK of Anti-Semitism and why not this Jewish Brother as MPACUK calls them.
Can a member of the Jewish Community be Anti-Semitic?

Since Mark Elf exposed this, Engaged made a reply and AGAIN Mark exposed them of spreading more lie’s against MPACUK:

I just noticed another thing about Engage’s post falsely accusing
MPAC of antisemitism and dishonesty. Yes, Engage accusing people of

Engage wrote:

But MPAC needs to think seriously about antisemitism. Interestingly,
in their piece, they have reproduced all the links except for one. The one they
don’t reproduce is the link to the Anthony Julius piece on the blood libel. This
is the one that they ought to read.

Again this shows the shear racist mentality of David Hirsh. He has been exposed the first time of falsely accusing MPACUK of writing the article and now he accuses them of not publishing a link, while in fact the article in question WAS FROM MARK ELF’S website.

Then Engage falsely accused them of antisemitism for running that post. Then I ran a piece accusing Engage of dishonesty. Then MPAC ran a copy and paste of my post on the whole thing and now Engage, having misrepresented the first piece, are misrepresenting the second piece. They say the only piece that MPAC don’t link to is the stupid irrelevant article by Antony Julius QC on “blood libel.” But the link to that piece is in the article that I linked to when Engage first made their false allegation, that is the article that Engage is complaining about.

This is just utter stupidity and racism from David Hirsh from the Engage website which he part of. Is this how Zionist debate goes by smearing their opponents? People like David Hirsh create tension within the Muslim & Jewish Community for falsely accusing Muslims of Anti-Semitism, but it’s people like Mark Elf and DesertPeace who slap Muslims into reality that not all Jews are Zionists and it’s not the true Jewish people who smear those who speak out against the injustices of the Israel.

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