Sunday, November 19, 2006

MPACUK Founder Supported Irving

You will note that denying the Holocaust is supporting the Palestinian cause.
This is because the Palestinian cause is the total destruction of Israel and
denying the Holocaust is a way to remove the legitimacy of Israel making that
destruction easier. Of course, wiping Israel off the map will involve another
genocide of another 6 million Jews.

This is from the Muslim version of Jew Watch (If Jew watch is Anti-Semitic because it attacks Jews because of tiny minority mis-bhaviour, then surely this Blog would be Islamophobic because it attacks Muslims? What? No, oh sorry I forgot. Racism is only against the Jewish people, never against Black, White or Muslim"

Back to topic. Here is the classic Irony from Little Bullshitter (Jew Watch). How he tries to link to support for the Palestinian cause to the Holocaust? I guess Mark Elf, Desert Peace, Noam Chomsky (All Jews) want to see another Holocaust because they support the Palestinians.

Talking about wiping off Jew's, how many Palestinians have been wiped off the earth from Israel compared to Israeli's? All forms of Human life is equal Little Bullshitter, A Jewish life is not supiror to that of a Muslim. Until people like you start treating all people the same, we can then yearn for peace in the middle east. Actually you don't even believe in a Palestinian State.


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